ExpatINFO Holland

by John Graham-King


ExpatINFO Holland is a new English-language online resource for the international community in the Netherlands…expat workers, trailing spouses, foreign students, visiting professors, diplomats, love-pats and anyone who may not fully understand the Dutch language.


ExpatINFO Holland’s mission is to provide useful information across the entire Netherlands experience lifecycle, whether that international resident is in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht or somewhere else in Holland.

From the arrival and settling stage, to the fully immersed stage, to the final preparing for departure stage. A resource that can be enlightening to users no matter what stage of their Netherlands expat experience they are in.


ExpatINFO Holland is divided into four key sections:

ESSENTIALS includes valuable information and advice guides on key topics like healthcare, housing, employment and transportation.

SERVICES is a helpful directory of local businesses, schools and organizations, broken down by category of service.

EVENTS is where you can find out what’s happening across the Netherlands, from concerts and shows to workshops and sports events.

NEWS shows you the latest stories and headlines from across the Netherlands, relevant European Commission announcements and updates on the Brexit situation.


ExpatINFO Holland is also connected to the community through multiple social media channels including:







Ute’s International Lounge has partnered with ExpatINFO Holland on topics relating to expat children in the Netherlands, including the importance of swimming lessons and differences with how the Dutch raise children.

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