Good reads for interculturalists

If you are looking for good reads for intercultural trainers, cross-cultural trainers or anyone who wants to support internationals, understand cultures and “bridge the gap”, here are a few of the readings I did during my training as Intercultural Communication Trainer.

Brinkmann, Ursula and Oscar van Weerdenburg, Intercultural Readiness. Four competences for working across cultures, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Bryson, Debra R. and Charise M. Hoge, A portable identityA woman’s guide to maintaining a sense of self while moving overseas, Transition Press International, 2003.

Building Cultural Competence. Innovative Activities and Models, ed. by Kate Berardo and Darla K. Deardorff, Stylus Publishing, 2012.

Hofstede, Geert, Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind, MacGraw-Hill Education, 2010.

Lewis, RIchard D., When cultures collide. Leading across cultures, Nicholas Brealey International, 2013.

Meyer, Erin, The culture map. Decoding how people think, lead, and get things done across cultures, PublicAffairs, 2014.

Molinsky, Andy, Global Dexterity, Harvard Business Review Press, 2013.

Springer, Donna M. and Patricia A. Cassidy, 52 activities for improving cross-cultural communication, Intercultural Press, 2009.

Suan Chong, Chia, Successful International Communication. Understand and enhance your communication skills, Pavilion, 2018.

Trompenaars, Fons and Charles Hampden-Turner, Riding the waves of culture. Understanding diversity in global business, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2012.


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