Ute’s International Lounge Academy is the platform where I offer high-quality online courses for internationals, as well as live webinars on the following topics:

  • Raising Children Abroad – with multiple languages and cultures (for parents of 0-4 | 4-10 | 10-15+ year olds)
  • Staying Multilingual Across the Lifespan
  • Effective Intercultural Communication (within the family | community | workplace)


The online courses are at your convenience and consist of workbooks, short videos, infographics and useful resources, catering for all learning styles while remaining affordable.



















The live webinars are interactive (via zoom) and designed for small groups (max. 10 participants).

My free webinars are recorded but only for personal purposes – as we usually share personal details that are not for the public ear/eye.

I share some of the re-edited recordings on my youtube channel, like this short version of the webinar How to support multilingual children in the daycare & school language at home.  






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