Ute's Youtube Channels


As I like learning by reading, listening and watching, I started the youtube channel Ute's International Lounge to offer or complete some of my post on this site also in form of videos.

After writing The Toolbox for Multilingual Families, I decided to do the same, i.e. add some visuals and explanation in form of videos on the youtube channel Activities for Multilingual Families.

The third youtube channel is where, together with Tetsu Yung, we interview experts about the topic of raising multilinguals and staying multilinguals across the lifespan, hence the name Raising Multilinguals LIVE.


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On the youtube channel Ute's International Lounge, I share videos about raising children with multiple languages, staying multilingual across the lifespan, intercultural communication and my broadcast "Let's Talk" where I interview experts about topics related to international life. This is where I also share the videos I make on my "other" channels.

At Activities for Multilingual Families we share activities and games that foster understanding, speaking, reading and writing in all the languages in a fun and entertaining way.



At Raising Multilinguals LIVE we share live interviews with experts in the field of raising children with multiple languages and staying multilingual across the lifespan.



I script all my videos myself, record them and edit them. It is a passion of mine. If you want to contribute to my work you are very welcome to "buy me a coffee (or tea)"