Ute’s Youtube Channels


I have three youtube channels where I share videos about different topics related to raising children with multiple languages abroad, intercultural communication, international life an more.



On the youtube channel Ute's International Lounge, I share videos about raising children with multiple languages, staying multilingual across the lifespan, intercultural communication and my broadcast "Let's Talk" where I interview experts about topics related to international life. This is where I also share the videos I make on my "other" channels.

At Activities for Multilingual Families we share activities and games that foster understanding, speaking, reading and writing in all the languages in a fun and entertaining way.



At Raising Multilinguals LIVE we share live interviews with experts in the field of raising children with multiple languages and staying multilingual across the lifespan.



I script all my videos myself, record them and edit them. It is a passion of mine. If you want to contribute to my work you are very welcome to "buy me a coffee (or tea)"