Talks organized by Ute for the British School in the Netherlands



In 2014 I started a Sessions Team at BSN (Family Association), and until June 2018 I invited 23 speakers to hold 43 talks and workshops for the parents and staff members of the British School in the Netherlands (with more than 2180 pupils) on a wide range of topics related to international life. I regularly held talks and workshops myself about Embracing Change with Confidence, Third Culture KidsDutch Culture, International Childhood / Third Culture Kids etc.

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11.6.2018 Dutch Family Law (Désirée Siemerink)

16.5.2018 Mindfulness for parents and children (Lelia Spada)

18.4.2018 The Teenage Brain  (Laura Norci)

16.3.2018 Embracing International Life (Ute Limacher-Riebold)

26.1.2018 A Career in your Suitcase (Colleen Reichrath-Smith)

8.12.2017 Effective Parenting (Ingrid Masselink Andreas)

9.11.2017 Road Safety in the Netherlands (FA Sessions Team & Wijnand de Gelder)

5.10.2017 The Dutch Health Care System (Drs. from the Bronovo Hospital)

16.6.2017 Embracing Change with Confidence (Ute Limacher-Riebold)

18.5.2017 Parenting with Presence (Kate Berger)

11.5.2017 Dutch Wills, Guardianships and Testaments (Yolanda Bokhorst)

15.3.2017 Sleep Matters! (Dr. M. Marchon)

16.2. 2017 Family  Law in the Netherlands (Desirée Siemerink)

31.1. 2017 Reinventing Yourself (Colleen Reichrath-Smith)

13. 1. 2017 Embracing International Childhood (Ute Limacher-Riebold)

25.11.2016  Transitioning Your Career (Teresa Moynihan )

2​2.11.2016  Video Gaming Awareness (Rebecca Findlay)

15.11.2016  The Dutch Health Care System (Drs. from the Bronovo Hospital )

13.10.2016 Traffic Rules and Road Safety in the Netherlands (Wijnand de Gelder)
22.9.2016     The Mobile Life: design your map (Diane Lemieux)
17.6.2916     A Career in Your Suitcase (Colleen Reichrath-Smith)
18.5.2016    Housing in the Netherlands (Karin van Hecke)
26.4.2016     Understanding Teenagers (Laura Norci)
25.4.2016     Road Safety in the Netherlands (workshop) (Wijnand de Gelder)
17.3.2016     Dutch Wills, Guardianships and Testaments  (Yolanda Bokhorst)
14.1.2016      Third Culture Kids: Internationally Living Children  (Ute Limacher-Riebold)
3.12.2015      The expat spouseon the importance of personal and professional networking (Karen Gordon)

20.11.2015    Understanding the Dutch Culture (Caitríona Rush)

6.11.2015       The Expat Transition Stages: from Entering to Adjusting (Ute Limacher-Riebold)

28.9.2015       Road Traffic in the Netherlands (Wijnand de Gelder)

24.9.2015       Supporting Bilingualism at Home (Eowyn Crisfield)

16.6.2015       Teenager off to University? Strategies and Advices from  Parents to Parents about Teenagers going to University (Tracy Tigchelaar, Ute Limacher-Riebold)

8.6.2015         The Teenage Brain (Laura Norci)

8.5.2015         Moving on: Relocating and Staying Behind (Ute Limacher-Riebold)

23.4.2015      Road Safety in the Netherlands (Wijnand de Gelder)

23.3.2015      Dutch Wills, Guardianships and Testaments (Yolanda Bokhorst)

30.1.2015       Supporting Bilingualism (Eowyn Crisfield)

28.11.2014    Third Culture Kids: Internationally Living Children (Ute Limacher-Riebold)

21.11.2014     Dealing with difficult behaviour (Katherine Fortier)  

7.11.2014        How to live happily in the Netherlands (Caitríona Rush)  

13.10.2014      The Dutch Healthcare System (Nanda Jagusiak-Monteiro, Dr. Henk Berendsen, Dr. Maddy Smeets, Dr. Irene Hofmeijer)  

19.9.2014          Supporting Bilingualism at Home (Eowyn Crisfield)  

7.4.2014             How to make our children thrive during their international life  (Ute Limacher-Riebold/Emma Moore)  

7.3.2014             Nutrition and Eating Disorders (Katherine Fortier/Daniela Torresmarco)


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