I have heard so many amazing stories from expats/internationals, accompanying partners, trailing spouses... who have lived all over the world and experienced funny and less funny situations that wouldn't have happened if they would have known earlier how to avoid a situation or do it "right" from the beginning.
I hesitated to collect these stories because I think in the end, these are the stories we all will remember, that make our life abroad so memorable. Those are the stories we share with friends, we laugh about them or still shake our head in disbelief years later wonder how this could happen to us.

In this section you will find stories from on- and offline friends, friends of friends, and myself. It is an ongoing collection of anecdotes that I would love to publish when reached a certain amount of testimonials, so, if you would like to share your story or know someone who has a story to share, please read how to submit the story!

What I wish I would have known earlier will give you an insight into what nobody tells us about life in other cultures. These are the little things in our every-day life situations.

About household and garden workers in Morocco

by Stephanie H Meade

from In Culture Parent


Kibbeh, Kabab and Kunafa, Oh My.

by Tone Delin Indrelid 

from The Other Trail 

Dutch anecdotes



Impressions of the Almshouse in The Hague, by Genoveva Geppaart

by Genoveva Geppaart


Family and Friends

by Sareen McLay 

from Switch the kettle on 

I wish I knew then what I know now