International Childhood

Children who spend a significant part of their developmental years outside their parent‘s country of origin are also known as Third Culture Kids (or Cross Culture Kids, Immigrant Children etc.)

During their international childhood they have the unique opportunity to immerse into different cultures, learn several languages, and appreciate diversity. – When they have to go through transitions (either for a move, a change of school, change in the family, or because they’re off to university abroad), they need some extra support and care from parents, caregivers and teachers.

    • How can we help our children thrive during their international childhood and provide him the support they need?
    • How can we help them to develop a sense of identity and belonging?
    • How can we help our children through transition?
    • How can we help them become balanced and self-confident adults?

In this workshop you explore strategies that help your children develop strength to cope more effectively with challenging situations and you will find out how best support your children during their international childhood and through transition.

– You get useful tools to adopt for your situation and we’ll discuss and explore more options for your personal short and long-term situation.


 For information, please contact Ute

Personal Assistance Through Transition

I know that one size doesn’t fit all and we have very personal ways to deal with transition. Every family member deals with it in his or her very own way and pace. – Should you prefer a 1:1 consultation please schedule a free intake session with me here.

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