Understanding Teenagers…



Understanding Teenagers


We all develop our very own patterns of communication with one another and every family uses verbal and non-verbal habits to express themselves. It is very easy to get stuck in unhealthy patterns of communication. Especially when our children become teenagers, many of us feel like they don’t know their kids anymore.

Some call them “aliens” or “impossible to communicate with” and wonder how their lovely children could transform into “monsters”…

  • Do you feel like you can’t talk to your teen anymore?
  • Is your teen talking back to you in a way that hurts you or makes you feel uncomfortable?
  • Do you find yourself yelling at your child, not getting your message through?

In my 2h fast paced workshop we will examine communication patterns and look at effective strategies that help improve your efforts to communicate with your teen.

If you are interested to attend this workshop I would like you to answer some questions so that we can start with a goal in mind:

1) What is it that you are struggling the most with when communicating with your teenager?

2) Do you find yourself nagging, bribing, lecturing your teen – but would rather have long conversations with him/her?

3) What are the topics that you find yourself arguing about with your teen (screentime, chores, daily routines, homework, friends etc.)?

4) Do you feel that you or your child has some issues to manage stress, anger and emotions?

I hold workshops and trainings on Effective Communication with Teenagers on demand. In my 2h workshop you…

  • meet like minded people
  • work on achievable goals 
  • learn effective communication techniques that you can put into practice right away


Private consultation

If you prefer having a private consultation with me on this topic, this can be done either in person or via skype.



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