Signs of Communication Disorders

One of the reasons parents approach me as Language Consultant is that they wonder if their children who are exposed to multiple languages at home and in the community, aren’t having some kind of communication disorders.

Especially when we’re given the advice to either talk only one language at home or to even only talk the community language with our children, we wonder if “all those languages don’t cause not only a delay but a general confusion of our children” (I quote a parent who attended one of my workshops on Raising bilingual children).

I usually ask parents what makes them worry, what signs they observe in their children and in what contexts they observe them.

I am not a speech pathologist, but I know what signs one should worry about and when to reach out to other professionals for further assessments and intervention.

On the ASHA site (American Speech Language Hearing Association), you can find an overview of the signs of communication disorders that you can easily assess at home. 

Abby Gilbert Aubin, speech pathologist at Communicate without borders, suggests “the European organization for SLPs, CPLOL. It is mainly aimed at professionals rather than parents”, “also RADLD, a site from the UK has useful information for the general public about language disorders (…) and Talkingpoint has a lot of resources for parents and professionals in regards to speech, language and communication needs, as well as The Communication Trust.” 

As for the children’s acquisition of consonant sounds, this article shows when to expect our children to be able to produce these sounds: you may need to be trained in phonetics and phonology in order to fully understand the content of the article.

(these are only a few of the languages mentioned in the article)

Although some of these sites are mainly aimed at professionals, parents tend to become semi-professionals when it comes to anything related to their children’s health and wellbeing. Therefore I prefer sharing informative sites that require more study so that you can get the best possible information before you ask a professional for help. If you have any further question about this topic, please don’t hesitate to book a consultation with me

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