Review: Georgia’s far-away family by Marie Robert


Georgia's Far-Away Family by Marie Robert is a beautifully illustrated book about Georgia, a little girl who lives "somewhere else" with her parents and younger sister. Unlike her friends at school who can meet their extended family very often as they are living nearby, Georgia's family lives in different countries, far away. This makes her feel sad and different from her peers.
When, one day in school, she is asked to draw a family tree, she starts realizing the many positive aspects of having family all over the world!

This is a lovely story about acceptance of different types of families, and acceptance of one's own situation as an international family, which is very important for all children who grow up "abroad" with family living far away.
You can find many conversation starters like what to share when face-timing with grandparents, talk about each member of the family (where they live, what they do, what they like, what languages they speak etc.), draft a family tree, talk about what makes your family so special, unique and to be proud of.



I highly recommend reading this book with 4-10 year old children at home or at school, no matter where their extended family lives. Those who have far-away family will relate with Georgia and her family, and those who have family living nearby will gain a better understanding of what it means to grow up without your family living next to you. This book fosters mutual understanding of different family settings in a very kind and compassionate way.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Maryam Fyezi Chakab with soft and pastel-like colors and lovely details that allow to explore the context of the different scenes.



This book is currently available in FrenchGeorgia et sa famille autour du monde – and English, and I personally hope that other translations will follow.








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