Interview with Yoshito


Yoshito from Multilingual_dad (on Instagram) interviewed me about my multilingual journey and how I raise my children with multiple languages and cultures.

We talk about how to manage multiple languages, the sense of identity – in which language and culture or languages and cultures (plural!) we and our children feel mostly "at home" – language preferences, setting goals and the many phases of a multilingual journey...
I share how to help children cope with expectations from others to "fit into one (!) box" and how to handle situations where we are confronted with judgments – about our language and culture.

Here is what we talk about:

2:10 What languages were you speaking with whom growing up?

3:32 When did you start thinking you wanted to help other multilingual/multicultural families?

8:30 The importance of culture

11:30 Base culture / Base Language

14:20 Questioning our own identity growing up – Heritage Language and Culture

19:49 How can you help your children when they have been labelled negatively due to their origins?

22:40 Prevention of issues related to multilingualism / multiculturalism

25:45 Family Language

27:00 Secret language among twins

29:10 Adapting to your child's needs

32:40 Teaching reading and writing, and following your children's interests

38:40 When your child refuses to speak your language 

You can find Yoshito here:


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