I know that internationally living families have to face many challenges. We relocate, settle in new places, find schools, new “homes” and friends, settle in…

Some of us struggle with some aspects of this change, with finding a new purpose because finding out how to functioning in a new place is not easy.

I have experienced many changes in all areas of my life and know what to expect and how to manage change in a successful and positive way.

In the past 15 years I have helped many internationals and my aim is always to help my clients find the solution that suits them the best and adapt to the new situation so that they can really thrive!

I can help your family prepare for the challenging phases and help you explore your possibilities.

If you are wondering:

  • When it is best for you to move.
  • What to consider before moving.
  • What kind of agreement you should have with your partner before a big change.
  • What kind of life will await you in the new place?
  • Will you be able to pursue your career alongside your partner in the new place? What kind of options will you have?

…. and if children are involved:

  • Which school to choose in the next place?
  • When is the best moment for your children to move?
  • How to tell your children that you’re going to move?
  • How to make sure that your children are prepared and ready for the move?
  • How to help your children to go through transition smoothly?
  • How to best support your children during transition?

I can support you and your family to better cope with all kinds of changes and give you professional advice. Don’t hesitate.

Contact me today and schedule a free 30 mins session with me