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Effective strategies to support Additional Language Learners

In this post you can find a list of strategies that support multilingual students in the most effective way

Protected: Supporting Multilinguals at Home

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Paradox of Raising Multilinguals

When raising children with multiple languages our vision is for them to become proficient in more than one language.

Review of: The Destiny of Minou Moonshine by Gita Ralleigh

The middle grade debut story by Gita Ralleigh “Destiny of Minou Moonshine” is a captivating children’s novel that takes the reader into an exotic landscape of an alternate version of colonial India, called “Indica”.

Review: Georgia’s far-away family by Marie Robert

Georgia's Far-Away Family by Marie Robert is a beautifully illustrated book about Georgia, a little girl who lives "somewhere else".

Review: B at Home: Emma moves again by Valérie Besanceney

A must read for mobile families!

Review of: The Summer of L.U.C.K.: all things are possible by Laura Segal Stegman

When three children meet at a summer camp, little they know that they will be living a magic adventure.

Review of: The Dream of the Little Fir-Tree, by Evi Gitsa

If you are looking for a contemporary festive tale, an adaptation of the classic tale of the Little Fir Tree (by Hans Christian Andersen), this book is for you.

Review of: Hacking the Code. The Ziggety Zaggety Road of a D-Kid, by Gea Meijering

Review by Ute Limacher-Riebold   Hacking the Code: this is exactly what reading feels like for dyslexic children! Words and letters are like a code they don’t have a key for.  This chapter book illustrates the life and journey of...

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