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Please find a list of resources you can use to foster Arabic at home. As Arabic is a language I still don’t master (yet), I invite you to share other links to sites that provide resources to teach Arabic – understanding, speaking, reading, writing – for children from 0-18 yo, and also for adults, in the comments here below.

Online sites

On the Lingualism site you can find more links to all kind of resources: flashcards, online tutoring, Arabic podcasts, Arabic TV and movies, reading Arabic online, Arabic books and ebooks, online dictionaries etc.

Madinaharabic is a “free online resource for all students around the world seeking to learn Arabic”.

On the Superprof site you can find lots of suggestions and links to resources for Arabic for Kids (also teenagers); scroll the whole page to find out more!

On Know Arabic you find plenty of free resources, including audio material!

For adult learners

Open Culture is a site where you find free cultural and educational media links on the web.

Printables and educational resources

On the Qamar Designs site you find free printables and educational resources; on the Isaahan Home Academy, you find material for home schooling, and on the Iconetwork you find the international curricula from preschool to grade 12

ArabicAdventures has plenty of downloadable worksheets.
For Free Early Years Printables, have a look at Little Owls Resources : they have free dual language printables (for ex. English-Arabic)

On Pinterest: Arabic Teaching Resources

I can recommend the products offered by DARADAM 

Facebook groups

Adam Wa Mishmish’s facebook group is a fb group that shares entertaining and educational resources for children up to 14ish years.

Youtube channels

For children:

Kids TV Arabic

One4Kids / Zaky – Muslim Cartoons

Arabic alphabet song

Masha and the Bear (here you can find more short cartoons for children)

Toyor Baby TV

Sesame Street in Arabic



Of course, there are millions of books available from many platforms… Please ask in my facebook group if you have questions about age appropriate resources.
A mother on my site recommended this book to learn Arabic: Let’s Speak Arabic, by Prof. S.A. Rahman, 2003.  
On the Iqra site you find textbooks to teach/learn Arabic.

Where to find some support…

Duolingo Forum French for Arabic speakers

For dyslexic children who learn the Arabic alphabet

On the Raising world citizens site you can find suggestions on how to help your dyslexic children learn the Arabic alphabet, Arabic numbers

Recommended sites:

Spring Brook or Billabong is a site by a multilingual mother, raising her three children with multiple languages, amongst others, Arabic, and sharing her experience of raising biliterate children, talking also about how to support children with learning difficulties – particularly dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyspraxia.

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