Infant Communication Baby Sign Language with Multilingual Children

When I first heard about baby sign language, my children were already verbal. Here in Europe it seems not as common to teach babies and infants signs if they are not deaf growing up with deaf parents. I have since read about this and met families who have taught their babies how to sign words in order to communicate before they become verbal.
I was particularly interested in how to use baby sign language to bridge between languages in multilingual families as I believe that it is a great tool to facilitate communication between all family members: the baby, the parents who might speak two different languages and not be fluent in the partner’s language (yet), and siblings, not to mention extended family and caregivers!

I met Roya Caviglia who offers Infant Communication Baby Sign Language courses online and in the Delft area (Netherlands)  and interviewed her on my youtube channel about this topic.

If you have ever wondered how baby sign language can help you communicate earlier with your baby/infant, before they even become verbal, and how it can bridge communication in all your home languages, find out in the interview with Roya.

These are some of the questions we discuss about:
4:23 How does the Infant Communication Baby Sign Language (ICBSL) differ from the official Sign Languages?
8:42 When can we start with learning the ICBSL, and when can we expect our children to respond by using the signs?
12:52 And if my child is already 2,5 years old and verbal: is it too late to start with ICBL, will it hinder my child becoming more verbal?
18:42 Is it not too much for multilingual families to add ICBSL to their other home languages?
25:05 How ICBSL can help daycare and preschool teachers communicate with children who are not verbal (yet) in the required language.
27:57 What happens when my child gets older? How will this ICBSL evolve?

  • Do you use baby sign language with your baby or infant?
  • What is your experience with it?
  • What did you find particularly helpful, and what would you advise new parents about baby sign language?
  • Please let me/ us know in the comments here below!

About Roya:
Roya Caviglia has spent many years teaching people how to improve their communication in English while moving from one European country to another. Now she runs a language school in South Holland looking after international professionals and their families. One day she had kids and started out on the crazy wonderful journey of parenting. It was a shock to find out how challenging and physically demanding being a parent can be. But she also made the wonderful discovery of how much babies have to tell us. Now she is passionate about helping families bond through clear communication before their babies can even speak.

Find out more about Roya’s Infant Communication Baby Sign Language course and the video with babies signing


Further readings on this topic: 
Enhancing early communication through infant sign training “Sign training might facilitate rather than hinder the development of vocal language”! 

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