How to wear face masks

No matter in what country you are experiencing COVID19, it seems that at some point you'll have to wear a face mask. Regulations about when and what face mask to wear differ considerably across the globe, which does not contribute to a general understanding of this whole situation. I noticed that although every country seems to be (relatively) clear on the regulations on this matter, they all seem to lag of instructions or guidance on how to do this properly. Wearing a face mask to protect others (or us, depending on which one we choose), is not as easy as it seems.

It not only requires practice to put it on and off, but also to wear it! I have seen people wear it under their nose, on their chin, around their neck, some had cut a hole in it to breath better, others to drink their coffee... As an Interculturalist I feel that the governments and health care systems are failing in intercultural skills. People who are used to wear face masks won't have any issue – or much less than we Westeners not-working-in-health-care-sector, or any other sector that requires such garment, because garment it is! In Italy, famous designers are producing them since weeks, and people are sewing their own ones at home.

In order to give those who, like me, are not used to wear face masks regularly (yet), I decided to design three infographics: how to put on, wear and remove face masks.



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