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The best way to learn Dutch is to fully immerse into the language and join the worldwide 23 million native speakers in the Netherlands, Flanders, Suriname, or the 4 million people who speak Dutch as a second or foreign language.

You can also start with listening to a local radio (online), watch local TV, get in contact with locals and learn by speaking (making lots of mistakes, asking locals about how to say it right, ignoring when one responds in English and insist…). 

One way to feel prepared is to listen to music, watch some videos, TV shows etc and learn at least the basics of the local language.

If you are a beginner, I recommend you to start also with easy texts and songs. If you have children, you can start with songs for children – and learn alongside your children.

Here is a list with online resources that can help you and your children to exercise your Dutch. – It is an ongoing list : please let me know in the comments if you would like me to add any links.

Ik wens je alvast heel veel success!

Find some books – also audiobooks! – in the OnlineBibliotheek

At LearnDutch you can learn Dutch online with Bart de Pau. He has many videos and resources for you to start right away!

Dutch homeschooling (payed) programs:

Dutch for children




Hotel Hallo

Digital Dialects

More resources for Dutch at home:


Dutch literature (books for children)

Forvo (find out how to pronounce words)

Magazines for children:


Newspaper for children:


Digital story books:

for children & adults

Lees me voor



Goedekennis gesproken schoolboeken


De Woorden in Beeld

Childhood Stories

Videos about school

School TV


Scratch: Learn how to programme /code

Proefjes: Discover and explore


How to train for your CITO exam

Educative Apps for Children:

Educatieve apps

Dutch radio channels (online):

I always recommend to “shower” in the language! You can do this from all around the world and it helps you to have a head start in the Netherlands if you already know the language. A very effective way to understand the intonation of the language and some words and more, is to listen to it as much as you can. Have a look at the radio channels and choose one where you can listen to news and some other shows that allow you to build your vocabulary.

Dutch Radio Channels

Online Luisteren

Radio Online fm

Radio Via Internet (music)

All Radio NL

Dutch TV programs suitable for learners of Dutch:

Zandkasteel, Kikker, Nijntje, Koekeloere, Sesamstraat, Karel & Kaatje (for beginners)

Nieuws uit de natuur, Schooltv weekjournaal, Jeugdjournaal are for more advanced learners

uitzending gemist

Dutch Apps

Look for apps with the search words: Learn Dutch Vocabulary, Learn Dutch for children, Kinderboeken (children’s books), Duo Lingo etc.


Choose the right app for the age of your child here: Consumentenbond

Sites with Dutch songs:

  • for children



Liedjes met een hoepeltje erom are songs that children sing at daycares and they come with a CD and you can find the songs online (youtube) to practice

  • for adults (I just indicate a few that are easy to understand)

Andre Hazes Jr.


Guus Meeuwis

Jan Smit

Jeroen van der Boom

Maaike Outboter

Maan de Steenwinkel

Marco Borsato


Videos (with stories and songs for children):


Kinderliedjes – Kids Tube

Learn about all kind of topics for free (!) from experts at the Universiteit van Nederland

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