Changing borders in Europe


When borders change, peoples’ lives change. Borders are not only geographical, but also in the mind of people. With every change, people need to adapt to the new situation. If this change happens in their own country, they often change their habits, costumes and adapt their language etc.

People have always experienced transition phases. Not only when immigrating and moving, but also when the social and political situation changed in their own country. They didn’t really have a choice…. They weren’t asked if they would agree with this change. – They had to accept it and adapt.

These people went through exactly the same transition phases internationally living families go through.

And what about their culture? With invasions, changes of political settings, changes of borders, culture itself is constantly changing and evolving.

Considering the culture of a country like something dynamic, helps us to be more open-minded and flexible. And the history of our countries shows us that we’re capable of change and adaptation. – It’s in our genes.

When we choose to move abroad, to live a life outside of our passport country (or our comfort zone) we live something our ancestors experienced too: by immigrating or by experiencing profound change in their own country.

Observe how the boarders changed in Europe during the last 1000 years (© Frank Reed 2012):

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