Language Training

German | Italian | French | English (for non-native speakers)

I help you maintain and improve your B2-C2 level language skills!

I am multilingual native and nearly native in German, Italian, French, and English, languages I also read and write on level C2.

My level of fluency in Dutch is B2, Flemish B1/2, Swissgerman C1, Spanish B1, Korean A1 (just started learning in 2019).

I have held seminars and lectures at University level, taught linguistics at the Department of Romance Languages (Italian Historical Linguistics)  and published scientific articles in Italian, French, German and English.

Since more than 20 years I regularly hold talks, workshops and seminars in English, German, Dutch and Italian, and published articles and posts in all “my” languages.

Since 30 years I teach all these languages to adults and teenagers.

I can help you improve

  • your confidence
  • your communication skills
  • your written language (writing articles, reviews, papers, presentations etc.)
  • your oral skills (hold a presentation, talk, lecture, workshop etc.)

Furthermore, I can help you set up a presentation, talk or speech and hone your language skills in one of the languages mentioned above.

You can schedule a free consultation with me to discuss the details and determine your goals.

I help you with your speech:

  • Have you ever experienced that your interlocutor didn’t understand what you meant?
  • Have you ever hesitated during meetings or gatherings, to say what you want because you’re not sure to use the right words? 
  • When we learn a language we usually focus on grammar, but are rarely aware of the many meanings a word, a sentence our gestures (!) can have, and about the subtile difference an intonation can make on what we just said.

In my language trainings I focus on effective communication.

I help you to find:

  • the right words,
  • the right intonation and
  • the right strategy

to make sure your message is not only heard but understood!

If you want to become more confident in your speech, contact me at to schedule a free consultation during which we’ll decide on the best way I can support you. 

I help you with your writing:

I have 30 years of experience in writing and editing books, articles, reviews, preparing and holding lessons, workshops, talks and seminars in Italian, French, German and English.


Let me help you prepare

  • a paper / article / review
  • a talk / presentation
  • a seminar
  • a workshop
  • an interview


in English, Italian, German or French.

How to proceed:

1) You contact me at to fix a free 30 mins telephone or online meeting.

During the free consultation we’ll discuss your options.

What I will need to know from you is:

– which aspect you’re interested in: speaking, presentation, intercultural communication, writing, copywriting etc.

– what your goals are: hold a presentation/workshop, prepare for a new job/meeting, set up a website, write a paper/article/book

– what your expectations are and the time frame you have in mind

– how we can meet: via zoom 

Language Training:

Quick fix (last minute)      257 €

– 30 min intake session /zoom call

– 2 hours of intensive training

Medium fix                        680 €

30 min intake session /zoom call

– 5 hours of intensive training (all in one or in 2x 2,5 h sessions)

VIP fix                               1250 €

30 min intake session /zoom call

– 8 hours of intensive training (all in one or in 4x 2h sessions)


Interested? Book a free intake session (30 mins via zoom)