Work Experience


Since 2014

  • Leader of the Sessions Team at BSN: organising talks, lectures and workshops for the parents and staff members of the community of the British School of the Netherlands
  • Leader of the Welcome Team BSN: leading a team of 8, welcoming approx. 100 families per year (organizing weekly get togethers, talks etc.)
  • Owner of Ute’s International Lounge

Since 2013

  • Board member of Multicultural Kids Blogs (until November 2015; now consultant)
  • Language Coach at Multilingual Parenting (until August 2015)

Since 2011

  • Research collaboration at Huygens Instituut Den Haag: Isabelle de Charrière ou Belle van Zuylen
  • Coach for newly arrived families in The Hague; Cultural and Linguistic advisor

Since 1993

  • Italian, German and French Trainer for adults in different settings (one-on-one & small groups) at University level

Research Projects

Since 2014 

  • Conducting personal research on Intercultural Communication and Bilingualism.  


  • Collaboration at a research project at the Huygens Instituut The Hague “Isabelle de Charrière of Belle van Zuylen”


  • Parents Representative at British School of the Netherlands


Lecturer at Faculty of Romanistics at the University of Zurich – Dept. French Medieval Studies

  • Lectures: La lyrique à la fin du Moyen Age, in collaboration with PD Susanna Bliggenstorfer


Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Romanistics at the University of Zurich

  • Proseminary: Littérature française du moyen âge (Le Roman de Flamenca)
  • Lectures: Laboratorio di scrittura
  • Lectures: Letture per l’esame di accesso (the rhymes of Guido Guinizzelli and Guido Cavalcanti; Niccolò Machiavelli : La Mandragola, Il Principe; Ugo Foscolo : I Sepolcri, I Sonetti)

Co-founder of a Peer-Mentoring group at the University of Zurich (Romanistinnen)


  • Lecture about Il Tesoro della lingua Italiana delle Origini within the Context of the Lingustic Colloquium at the University of Zurich: Colloquio per laurenandi e dottorandi : Il lessico dell’ italiano (Prof. Michele Loporcaro)


  • Lecture about “Les Miracles de Notre Dame de Gautier de Coinci: Le Miracle de Sardenai“, within the Context of the Seminar Course “Bilderwunder” (Prof. Michele Ferrari; Mittellateinisches Seminar, University of Zurich)



Collaboration at Opera del Vocabolario (Accademia della Crusca, Firenze)

Collaboration at the project “TLION” Tesoro della Letteratura Italiana Online (Università di Padova)

Collaboration at the project “LIO” Letteratura Italiana delle Origini (Università degli Studi di Siena)

Collaboration at “Revue Critique de Philologie Romane”

Collaboration at the project “BLIMT” Bibliografia della Letteratura Italiana Minore del Trecento (University of Zurich, Rome, Padova)



Teaching Assistant for Historical Italian Linguistics with Prof. Michele Loporcaro at the Faculty of Romanistics of the University of Zurich

Assistant Lecturer for Historical Italian Linguistics at the Faculty of Romanistics:

  • 1997-2001: Proseminary: Linguistica diacronica dell’italiano
  • 2000: Colloquio per laureandi e dottorandi: Il lessico dell’italiano; Linguistic Colloquium at the University of Zurich, in collaboration with Prof. Michele Loporcaro
  • 2000: Lectures about Il Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini (TLIO)




English: Monumental Arches in University of Zurich

English: Monumental Arches in University of Zurich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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